ZoomSafer Case Study

Distracted driving is a hot-button issue for consumers and corporations as it remains one of the leading causes for traffic accidents. ZoomSafer has created leading technology that can help prevent distracted driving by blocking, texting, emailing and other phone features when a user is driving. One of the early creators of this now well-known technology, ZoomSafer turned to Asylum to help raise awareness about this national epidemic and their solutions.

Over the duration of ZoomSafer’s PR campaign, the company’s safe-driving solutions have been featured in stories in Men’s Health, PARADE, the New York Times, the Associated Press, Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle magazine, US News & World Reports, USA Today and various industry and trade publications. Asylum even secured ZoomSafer’s CEO a spot on one of Oprah’s last shows for her National No Phone Zone Day show live from Washington, D.C. with Secretary Ray LaHood.

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