Technology PR

Technology, the field that thrives on change. Luckily, Asylum is here to help you keep up, because it is hard to know what next biggest trend the media will bite on while running your business at the same time. Our seasoned account professionals are ready to help you launch new ideas or refresh yesterday’s by tying you into the latest news of the moment. We take a strategic, multi-prong approach to driving your company to the forefront of the field by building your reputation as industry experts in addition to leading product developers.

For many companies the biggest hurdle they face is explaining what it is they do in a succinct, comprehensible and flashy way in just a few sentences. Our team excels at gathering technical and scientific jargon from our clients and reducing it down to the sound bites, key phrases and features that will catch the attention of the media, which results in the stories you need to turn consumers’ and investors’ heads.

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